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Those I Hail and Thank

Ben of Soilent Green, Vampir Scorpios or Crimson Moon, Sin of Lord Belial, Rain of Elder's Curse, Werwolf88 from Werwolf Records, Jon from Full Moon Productions, Lord Shadowglade, Tees Me Rockwear, Ben Smith, Mother and Father, Uncle Mark, Dead R.I.P, Euronymous R.I.P, Trym of Emperor, Andreas of Naglfar, Seriah Azkath, Asgard Productions, Azazel and Ashtaroth of Bluttaufe, Bram Van Cauter, Faust, Vinterskugge, Melek Taus, The Warlock Mortarion Darkblood and Legion of the Damned, and Luciferian Horde... Hail and thanks to all I haven't mentioned who live and breath for black metal and evil every day...

The Deepest and Blackest of All Hate Goes Out To

Cunt Grishfuck for betraying the scene, D.O.T.A.C. for being the gayest fucking band on the Earth, All fucking posers, wimps, trendies, and faggots poisoning the scene, Nuclear Blast America for being so trendy, all christians for being so fucking weak that they need to worship a God who oppresses you, all my family except for mother, father, and uncle Mark, Nuclear Blast Germany, new Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth for signing to Nuclear Blast, Christianity, and all mother fuckers who oppose us...DIE